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 In Our Hands 

"Excellent...first class...The surprising thing about this documentary is its lack of dogma...wonderful vignettes...humorous interviews."

-San Francisco Examiner

"Exhilarating, funny, poignant and occasionally frightening."

-The Village Voice

"Will raise your spirits, if not renew your faith and optimism."-Pacific Sun

"One of the important films of our time." -The Hollywood Reporter

An uplifting documentary, “In Our Hands” interweaves performers, individual marchers and down-to-earth scenes of the massive gathering when one million people with one voice called for an end to the nuclear arms race. Capturing the magical spirit of that day with music, fun, tears, and a dazzling look at a cross-section of concerned humanity, "In Our Hands" is filled with high energy and warm feelings.
Directed and produced by Robert Richter and Stan Warnow.

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